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Teaching, Delegation, Empowerment

Everyone at ASN is in a high-energy, high-stress environment that requires both mental and physical commitment. It is a dynamic environment where each of us is learning and then sharing our knowledge. As you know, each of our kids is unique in the way they learn, absorb and react to stimuli. Ours is a profession of exploration, searching for a way to reach our children. What we do is way more of an art than a science.

I am so impressed by the level of sharing of knowledge, experience, techniques and methods to serve our kids throughout ASN. There has been a significant uptick in both vertical and lateral communications among the ASN staff. I could credit a number of people for this incredible cultural shift, but rather, I would like to applaud you all.

Teaching and delegation is empowering. If you share what you know, you have multiplied your impact and your benefit to our kids and our teammates. You have placed another tool in your colleague’s toolbox. By sharing your knowledge and experience and then delegating responsibility you are honoring your teammates with a gift. You have paid forward a great gift that, I hope, they will pay forward again and again. You are a force multiplier.

Many times, we say to ourselves, “Oh I’ll just do it; I know how and it will be quicker than taking the time to teach and delegate.” There are times when this is appropriate. However, if you take a moment to teach and delegate, it may remove future distractions from your plate so that you can focus on more important issues that only you can address. You will have empowered your colleague with knowledge and shown your trust in their ability.

Each of us grow as we help our kids grow. We have an obligation to each of our teammates, just as we have an obligation to each of our kids to empower them and to help them on their personal journey of growth.

I hope you will continue to share your ideas, thoughts, concerns, best management practices and tricks of the trade. Teach, delegate and empower.

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