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Psychologist for Children


ABA is an individualized evidence-based approach to providing therapy. Autism Support Now (ASN) is expanding its mission across several communities in Missouri and Kansas to provide ABA services with a focus on supporting Medicaid eligible families and underserved areas.  We are actively seeking energetic and caring employees in multiple fields.

ASN provides in-clinic interactive and individualized services to children diagnosed with Autism between the ages of 18 months to 14 years.  Activities, designed and led by our staff, are meant to be fun and creative, while fostering learning, skills, and social development.  ASN focuses on creating a platform for success for its teammates and clients by prioritizing training and professional development, and caring for their employees.  Promotions from within the organization are common and ASN will work with each teammate to advance their personal and professional development. 

The BCaBAs are responsible for overseeing client’s behavior analytic services, collaborating with supervising BCBAs, coordinating with other team members, especially Registered Behavior Technicians and providing parent training and support.

To Provide Best in Class Service; ASN Must Have Best in Class Caregivers and Best in Class Support and Training

At ASN, you bring the caring and we'll provide the training for you to succeed. Quality of Care is our top priority and to achieve that we have a robust on-boarding, training, support and oversight program. From tutoring and mentoring to tailored workbooks and role-playing, ASN will provide you the tools you need to succeed. Overseen by our Senior Director of Clinical Care and a Senior Lead RBT, ASN strives for continuous improvement of training and support programs so that you too are on a path for continuous improvement. Whether we are working with a new entry Behavioral Technician or an experienced, credentialed BCBA, their personal and professional development is of vital importance. ASN BCBAs are caregivers, teachers, trainers, coaches and cheerleaders for our staff as much as they are for our clients. They will assist on the journey of learning, discovery, and development. 

Behavior Technician

Are you a caring person? Are you interested in teaching or health care or working with the developmentally disabled? Would you like to learn skills to empower you to help people?


Being an BT at ASN opens a horizon of opportunity with ASN or outside ASN. For a young person, it provides an opportunity to exercise skills in caring for others without having to have invested years and fortune to determine if that field is right for them. Let’s face it, caring for others, especially those with special needs is physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing. It is not for everyone. For those who excel, it is a special calling that fills a critical need that few are suited to perform.

Are you worried about how to become an RBT? We can and will take the fear out of getting started?

From the outset, a BT makes a difference. They teach and they learn from, nearly day one. From there, the impact and the learning only grows. With the support and guidance of a Lead RBT, Board Certified Behavioral Analysts (BCBAs), Clinic Directors and Clinical Support staff, the RBT is afforded the opportunity to learn and grow. Once becoming a REGISTERED Behavior Technician the possibilities are endless. 

Are you interested in a career track in Applied Behavioral Analytics or a related field?

Being a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) is a great career or a great starting point for a career. Not diminishing the contributions of other positions at ASN, the RBT is on the front-line in providing the critical core of the care to ASN clients. Choosing to be an RBT and meeting the basic requirements immediately propels a person into critical service delivery providing real-world, hands-on experience almost immediately. It is one of the few chosen fields, where one, almost immediately, begins on a path of learning and providing care.


  • To coach, teach, mentor, nurture and care for children

  • Implementing individualized programs and protocols

  • Collecting program data and completing daily progress notes for each child

  • Communicate frequently with parents and BCBAs

  • Work in a high activity clinical, but fun work environment

  • Follow ethical guidelines as stated by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.


Required qualifications:

  • Caring individual with the patience and desire to learn

  • High School Education or GED

  • Reliable transportation.

  • Must be able to clear a background check

  • Must be able to pass RBT Certification Test after completing training modules


Preferred qualifications:

  • Associates degree or higher in related field

  • Previous experience working with individuals with Autism and/or related conditions

  • Degree seeking in related field: ABA, Occupational Therapy Speech or Health Care

  • One year of ABA therapy experience

  • CPR/First Aid certified


Salary commensurate with experience

  • Pay: $18.00 - $24.00 per hour

Training, Support and Oversight - RBT

· Provided RBT Onboarding Process and Protocol

· Employee Handbook

· Assigned Senior or Lead RBT and Mentor

· Five Day Shadowing

· A 48 Page RBT Training Manual

· A Five Phase Progressive Training Regimen

· Ethics Code Training

· CPR Training

· Study Guides

· Tailored Workbooks

· Mock Sessions

· Session Conversion Training

· Central Reach Training

· Lateral Communication Encouragement

· Regular In-Clinic Training and Guidance

· Observed and Critiqued Real Sessions

· Regular Competency Assessments

· Direct Support by BCBAs

· Direct Support by Senior Lead RBT

· Credentialing Support

· On-Call HR Support

· On-Call IT Support

· Wellness Day

· Social Interaction Opportunities

· Themed Fridays

· RBT Advisory Council

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