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Leadership and Integrity

The great thing about working ASN is that I come in contact with many on our team who are great leaders. I also have the opportunity of meeting leaders with whom we come in contact. Throughout my life, I’ve taken note of leadership qualities and those who have them and those who fall short. I’ve taken and remembered lessons from the good leaders and also the bad. What I’ve found is there are certain commonalities in great leaders.

· Great leaders were once and remain great followers and they lead or follow with equal enthusiasm.

· Great leaders have a servant’s heart.

· Great leaders listen to understand, before speaking to be understood.

· Most great leaders, lead because they can and it is an honor and not done for the title.

· Most great leaders have a sense of humor and can take some criticism (right and wrong) without saying an angry word in response.

· Great leaders put their people and their mission ahead of themselves.

· All great leaders operate with both personal and professional integrity at all times.

I want to lead and follow; and I want all ASN Teammates to lead and follow with respect for our core values of Kindness, Collaboration, Empowerment and Accountability.

There should never be an instance where our teammates and certainly not our clients are “talked down to” or demeaned in any way. We all have value and we all make mistakes and we all have good and bad days. I expect people to be held accountable, but there is never cause to berate, belittle or bring to tears any member of our team.

I ask all of you to take counsel of your better instincts, especially with your teammates. Talk with them as you would like to be talked to. Lead them as you would like to be led. Be the leader that you would like to follow. If we all commit to that; we will be more effective, we will grow more and we’ll all create an environment where we can learn and work and have fun doing it.

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