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Changing the Trajectory of Lives

Michael Quinn is Hugging a child at ASN

We are all the sum of all that has happened to us good and bad. Equally, we are the sum of all of the decisions we make good and bad. What happened in the past has merit and bearing, only because it made you who you are today.

For me, and I suspect all of us, there were family, friends, teachers, coaches and others who changed the trajectory of the rest of our lives by intervening at a critical time. They may have done so at a time of need or crisis or learning or in making a crucial decision or lending a hand when no one else would…And your life changed because of it. These people didn’t have to make a difference, but they did. They didn’t have to help, but they did.

We are afforded opportunity every day, both professionally and personally. We were brought across this universe to be together at this moment in time to perform a mission of service to others. You may be the one person who can change the trajectory of our kids AND the families we serve. To me that is sacred and inspirational. That is our chosen profession, and you are special because you chose it.

I have befriended many of our ASN teammates. Many of them, like you, perhaps, face their own challenges in life and yet they show-up to serve. They are inspired by our kids and they may be inspired by you. The way we treat, react-to, counsel or console our teammates could change the trajectory of their lives and, certainly, help them recover from their own challenges.

Where you are afforded the opportunity to help a colleague, I hope you will. Our leadership team have the trust and discretion to help to a greater or lesser degree. We are a team. We all succeed or fail together. I hope you all will have the same compassion and caring for your teammates as I know you do for our kids and families.

Just as you are afforded a tremendous opportunity to help ASN kids, you are also afforded an opportunity to help a teammate in need and I hope you will. It is a unique call to service, that some hear and some do not. You could make as big a difference with your teammate as you do with a child you serve. You could be the person they remember as making a difference…and alter the direction, for the better, of the rest of their lives.

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