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Mitchell Mandel
Human Resources Director

Mitchell Mandel is Human Resources Director for Autism Support Now.  He is often the first voice a prospective teammate hears and the first face they see.  His passion, kindness and caring for ASN kids and teammates is extraordinary.  He is foremost a recruiter for ASN and he has proven to be a great emissary with a tremendous eye for talent.  Providing services and therapy to the developmentally disabled is taxing physically and emotionally.  It is not for everybody, but for those who serve, the return can be both uplifting and rewarding.

Prior to being named Human Resources Director Mitchell was Human Resources Manager, but his drive and his success in, not only recruitment, but in all aspects of Human Resources made him a natural and obvious choice for promotion.  He has been a tremendous advocate for his teammates, which has led ASN to improve its pay, paid time-off, a tier compensation system and other benefits.  Equally, Mitchell’s straight-forward, candid style and his caring and empathetic approach has proven invaluable in addressing the day-to-day issues in Human Resources.

Much of ASN’s success in finding the very best teammates is attributable to Mitchell.  He cares deeply for the mission at ASN and for each of his teammates.  He takes great pride in the success of his teammates.  He is committed to continuous improvement in all facets of Human Resources, from recruitment to hiring to on-boarding and training.  He is committed to creating a platform for your success.

Mitchell came to ASN with experience in both Human Resources and Health Systems Information Technology making him an ideal teammate for a fast-growing and progressive company like ASN. He has a degree in Health Information Management from St. Louis University.  Prior to arriving at ASN, Mitchell worked at Rockit Career Consultation Services as a Sales Partner/Career Consultant.   With his background in health care information systems, career consultation and utilization of social media for outreach, Mitchell provides ASN with vast opportunity to expand services to children on the Autism Spectrum by finding the very best teammates for ASN and their very deserving clients and families.

Words to live by:

“Persistence beats resistance.”

“Repetition breeds familiarity.”

“Who you choose to be around you lets you know who you are.”

“Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable.” (Unknown)

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