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Leslie Jones, BCBA
Senior Director of Clinical Care

Leslie Jones is Senior Director of Clinical Care.  She is on point to focus her time on enhancing Quality of Care at Autisms Support Now (ASN) to provide Best-in-Class Applied Behavior Analytic Therapy to ASN kids.  She is in charge of ASN’s introductory training, weekly topical guidance, one-on-one instruction, certifications and continuing educations.  She works directly with BCBAs and RBTs to aid them in honing and maintaining their ABA skills.  She has personally crafted much of ASN training curriculum to provide her teammates with a platform for success.


In addition to focusing on Quality of Care for ASN, Leslie has direct clinical care supervision oversight of all of the clinics in the Kansas City area.  She also maintains a partial caseload for direct supervision as becomes necessary from time to time.   


Leslie’s entire academic and professional training has been in education and, specifically, in working with those with Autism, emotional-behavioral disorders, Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder and more.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and Master of Arts in Applied Behavior Analysis.  She has a passion for teaching and a passion for working with Autism.  She understands what children on the spectrum need to reach their full potential and what ASN teammates need to help to assist the child.


If Leslie cannot find the teaching aid or curriculum she needs, she creates it, usually working with her colleagues.  She conducts weekly training session with BCBAs who often pick and lead the topic discussion and session.  She believes in not reinventing the wheel, but finding what works and using it.  Her no-nonsense approach, commitment to empowerment and can-do attitude is inspiring to her teammates as she leads by example.  She is at any given moment a teacher, a mentor, a coach, a supervisor, and a friend to her teammates and even a playmate to the ASN kids.


She is a fierce advocate for ASN kids, their families, her teammates and ASN.  She has achieved both academic excellence and applied experience.  Combine that with the qualities of a natural born leader, Leslie has and will continue to advance ASN’s march toward Best-in-Class Quality of Care.


Words to live by:


“There is no such thing as normal.”

“No one is you, that is your power.”

“Then a flower doesn’t bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”

“Every ceiling when reached becomes a floor.” (Unknown)

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